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Press releases allow you to tell your story—in your own words—without interpretation from others.
Amplify your news with the reach, visibility and engagement it deserves with the press release distribution service more journalists, influencers and media outlets trust.

Turn every press release into a global multi-channel campaign.

Put your story in front of the industry's largest global audience of print, broadcast, and digital journalists and influencers.






Multi-platform statistics monitoring

440,000+ Newsrooms, Websites, Direct Feeds, Journalists and Influencers

Our 65+ years of innovation to evolve the wire provides you a network you can use in minutes. Reach newsrooms at print publications, radio and TV stations, financial portals, trade publications and other news outlets across the globe.

270,000+ Journalist's Inboxes

Only PR Newswire sends your story to an exclusive, opt-in community of journalists, bloggers and influencers that covers nearly 200 news beats and industry verticals. They count on our dynamic online portal and customizable email updates for story leads—including yours.

9,000+ Digital Media Outlets

Reach major media websites, financial portals, trade pubs, search engines and blogs through our online syndication network. And leverage our multimedia and social media distribution channels to maximize your visibility and engagement opportunities.

Unparalleled reach is a powerful thing.
Especially when it’s this easy.

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Upload Your Press Release

Our editorial team—available 24/7—proofreads every news release for grammar, spelling, punctuation, broken links, proper tagging for your target industries and SEO-related guidelines to optimize your immediate and long-term search performance along with other public relations best practices.

Choose Your Target Audience

Target by countries (170+, in 40+ languages), states or provinces, regions, cities, industries, verticals, beats (e.g., ESG), demographics and more.

Send It — and Track the Results

Track impressions, site postings and more for every native ad and article you place. Get the analytics you need to demonstrate effectiveness and fine-tune your next campaign.

Add Multimedia to Maximize Engagement

Press releases that include multimedia generate up to 6x greater engagement. Our press release distribution service, PR Newswire, allows you to quickly upload photos, videos, logos, infographics, and other dynamic content. Easily organize and embed multimedia content into your press releases. Share your visuals on the industry’s largest multimedia newswire, display them on thousands of syndicated websites, and archive them in our exclusive digital newsroom, PR Newswire for Journalists.
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VP of Comms
Large private B2C company
Reach is critical to our big releases, which is why we use PR Newswire. Getting into all of the tiny publications—these are the news outlets and the local papers that a lot of our customers read.
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Taylor S.
Marketing Communications Specialist
G2 Crowd Verified Review
Press Releases are simple, and the platform is outlined thoroughly. I love the different fields to fill out that emphasize sections like a specific quote you want to be shared. Cision PR Newswire is exceptionally convenient. After it is published, you can see how many places have picked it up and how many readers/viewers each place has.
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Former VP of IR
Public Company
At PR Newswire, I had people that I trusted, who knew what kept me up at night and would test things with me to make sure everything was just right. I trusted them like they were on my team. They were on my speed dial.
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Magnetude Consulting Logo
Cyndy Hunter
VP Client Strategy & Delivery
Magnetude Consulting
The support team is amazing!! The online portal is super easy to use and the visibility into release pickup is easy to just pass onto clients. But the most amazing thing (in this day and age) is the support team - I've had to get a hold of them on a number of occasions and anyone that picks up the phone is both knowledgeable and wonderfully helpful.

The most trusted media pros count on us. You can too.

Credibility that gets you published and shared

Media and journalists reference PR Newswire content 36% more often than content from our nearest competitor! Editors, journalists and influencers worldwide know that content from PR Newswire is credible, reliable, worth reading and worth sharing.

Security and accuracy that protects your business and reputation

Cision is committed to safeguarding customers' sensitive data. PR Newswire is compliant with SOC 2 Type II, the most comprehensive and rigorous security standard for third-party cloud services. And when it comes to your content, we treat that with just as much importance. Our editorial team reviews over 325,000 press releases annually and in 2022 caught over 22,000 mistakes in client copy.
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Guaranteed Paid Placement

Amplify your story and credibility

Cision’s Guaranteed Paid Placement converts the content of your press release into a digital media asset that can be simultaneously and strategically placed on major media outlets. Reach your target audience on their favorite sites—the sites they know and trust.

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Cision PR and Communications experts take the time to understand your strategy, goals and challenges. In partnership with you, our team will recommend the optimal solution to help you understand, influence and amplify your story.


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