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Executive Briefings

Deliver customized daily executive briefings, curated and written by experts in your industry
C-level executives and senior leadership rely increasingly on daily news briefings—up to the minute industry news that helps leaders make smarter, faster business decisions.

Custom, focused, timely and relevant

We deliver more than 750 briefings every business day to senior leadership at top global brands and organizations in virtually every industry and sector.

Our briefings highlight, summarize and explain the news and coverage that matter most, keeping leadership current and fully informed on the stories and coverage that impact their brands, their products, their competitors and their industries.

Each day the Cision Insights team cuts through the huge volume of noise in paid, earned, social and owned media to deliver concise, insightful summaries of just the coverage executives need to know about, and why they need to know about it.

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Customized for each recipient

The Cision Insights Briefings team consults with your strategic communications teams to determine the topics and media coverage each recipient needs to follow, as well as the ideal format for consuming the information. Briefings can include daily news overviews, international news summaries, links to broadcast news coverage, key social media, critical coverage, and much more.

Curated & written by credentialed industry experts

Cision’s briefings are crafted start to finish by strategic communications experts with decades of experience covering your industry or sector. Throughout the day and night they review your news, hand select the coverage that matters, and write nuanced summaries to provide the information and context executives need to know.

Briefings when you need them

Our team works in 24/7 shifts to ensure your team receives briefings whenever they are needed. Around-the-clock, throughout the weekend with updates throughout the day—briefings can be available as business demands.
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Distilled yet comprehensive

We provide a one-stop, self-contained source of news for your executives. Our experts summarize key developments concisely but thoroughly. Senior leaders get all the information and analysis they need, when they need it, to stay on top of constantly changing market dynamics.

Professional & easy to consume

Briefing emails have a branded format that's aligned to your corporate image, familiar to your readers and designed for easy reading on all devices. Recipients have instant access to an audio version of each briefing as well as a complete, secure and searchable archive of all previous briefings.

Continually optimized

Working with your team, we regularly reevaluate and evolve briefing coverage, content and design to meet your evolving news and intelligence needs.

24/7 alerts

The Cision Insights Briefings team can also deliver automated executive email alerts based on very specific criteria–like when a significant story is forming that could emerge into a crisis. Our sector experts filter through coverage so you can focus on what matters most to your audiences.

The Business Case

For outsourcing news briefings

Learn how to calculate the cost of delivering daily executive news briefings—
and why outsourcing can be a win-win for your leadership and your Comms team.

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Cision PR and Communications experts take the time to understand your strategy, goals and challenges. In partnership with you, our team will recommend the optimal solution to help you understand, influence and amplify your story.

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