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Brand Reputation & Crisis Communication

The right solution can help you understand and protect your brand reputation and help you grow brand equity—even in times of crisis
The strongest brands outperform the market by 96% when it comes to shareholder ROI.1 Brand is important—regardless of your organization’s industry.

The Right Solution

For effective reputation management you need an established partner with the best tools to effectively manage your brand in today’s fragmented media world.

With the right solution, brand owners and strategic communicators can:

  • Track and accurately measure the most important conversations around your brand
  • Build lasting relationships with the outlets and influencers your target audience trusts
  • Ensure coverage where and when it will have the greatest impact
  • Respond with speed and data-driven effectiveness when a crisis happens
  • Report to executives and stakeholders about your brand reputation and campaign effectiveness, on demand
Speak to an Expert
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Why Cision?

Cision is the only provider with a full, integrated suite of easy-to-use tools for public relations professionals and strategic communicators to manage their brand strategy and improve brand recognition and trust. You can also tap into a team of sector specialists with more than 100 years of PR experience.

Over 75,000 global brands have used Cision experts to uncover critical insights proving and quantifying brand performance over time. Our experts can also help you turn insights into action–building lasting connections so you stay relevant with key audiences.

Only Cision brings together:

  • The industry’s most comprehensive global monitoring across print, broadcast, digital and social media outlets, powered by 100+ million sources
  • The most advanced suite of media and public relations analytics to make sense of monitoring data—backed by AI capabilities to provide you insights into sentiment, message resonation, competitive coverage and more
  • The largest community of validated journalists and influencers with a platform to help you foster productive media relationships
  • The most comprehensive and trusted content amplification network in the industry to help you share the moments that matter most to your organization
  • Powerful yet easy-to-use tools for quickly producing comprehensive, executive-ready reports
  • Global strategic communication services with the expertise to deliver actionable insights that give you the power to understand and shape your story

With Cision, you get everything you need to effectively monitor, measure and manage your brand reputation.

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Emily DiFrisco

Director of Communications

Center for Environmental Health

I think it's been really helpful to see those numbers and see the growth–and to be able to search the keywords is also super helpful.
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Fergus Campbell

Head of Communications Services


Knowing the volume of coverage is important, but Cision gave us the ability to gauge sentiment, which is key to delivering campaign results to our senior leadership.

Monitor brand conversations as they happen, across media channels globally

You can’t fully understand and assess your brand reputation without real-time insight into what customers, journalists and influencers are saying and feeling about your brand, across every channel—print, broadcast, podcasts, online and social media—covering conversations globally.

Cision Communications Cloud provides all-encompassing media monitoring with best-in-class measurement and reporting tools. Data from 100+ million global media sources is transformed into actionable insights, brand-building intelligence and comprehensive reports. Our all-in-one platform gives you the power to manage your reputation and communications campaigns using a single, trusted source of reliable media metrics—with unlimited analytics dashboards.

Confidently monitor conversations about your brand (or anyone else’s) and measure progress towards your brand reputation KPIs—on demand and over time, in any interval you need.

Dashboards and reports make it easy to show digital reach, headline mentions, top-tier mentions, sentiment, share of voice and more. Real-time alerts keep you abreast of spikes to help you manage emerging opportunities and crises. Click any chart to see the clips and influencers behind the metrics—understand who is influencing your brand so you can focus on strengthening key media relationships.

Take data-driven actions to support and strengthen your organization’s brand

Knowing your brand reputation at any given time is important. Access to trusted experts with the experience to uncover critical insights is strategic. Having the best tools at your fingertips to amplify your story and drive specific outcomes is invaluable. Cision provides an unmatched collection of tools, resources and capabilities—with unmatched reach—to lead your brand development and shape brand-building opportunities.

Influence and Amplify Your Brand’s Story with Cision PR Newswire

Instantly influence your story with the industry's most comprehensive and proven media coverage and content amplification network:

  • Unrivaled media reach with 440,000+ journalist, influencer, and newsroom feeds across 170+countries and 40+ languages

  • The highest-ranking press release website in the world when it comes to search visibility, sourced by more media outlets than any other competitor

  • 2.8 million social media influencers / following PR Newswire-issued content

  • 9,000+ web sites and digital media outlets worldwide showcasing PR Newswire content

  • Award-winning content production and campaign planning services (winners of 100+creative awards and advisors to 1,000+ agencies and brands)

Build Productive Relationships with Journalists and Influencers

Only Cision combines deep audience insights and robust relationship management with the industry’s single largest database of pitchable media contacts. Engage with a carefully vetted, information-rich and constantly updated database of 850,000+ media contacts and outlets. Connect directly with the journalists, influencers and outlets that can move your target audience and influence your brand’s story. Add details of every interaction to each contact's record. Automate follow-ups based on specific criteria—like contacts who opened but didn't click on your pitch. Cision keeps a complete record of all your team's journalist and influencer communications, automatically.

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Provide Always-On Access to Your News

Work with our experts to create a seamlessly-integrated ‘for media’ newsroom on your website. With Cision Rooms you can easily, directly and instantly add or update content, capitalize on new opportunities, and respond to emerging concerns.

Boost Your News Engagement

Multi-media captures attention and draws people into your story. Work with our award-winning content team to produce feature-rich content that include video, animation, interactive quizzes and more.

Increase the Visibility of Your Story

Extend beyond earned media and increase the visibility of your news with paid and guaranteed placement options. You can have your story featured on the premium online publications and platforms your audience reads and trusts most.

Keep stakeholders informed, aligned, and impressed

With Cision’s reporting tools, it has never been easier to provide stakeholders the information they need, when they need it—and to demonstrate the impact of your strategic communications on business outcomes.
  • Provide stakeholders with brand reputation overviews including interactive dashboards that go deeper to inform strategic communication decisions
  • Automate daily email digests and periodic newsletters, send real-time alerts, or adapt information for reports as needed with just a few clicks
  • Add Cision Impact to tap additional data sources and media analytics—and create reports that draw a straight line from your PR and media management strategies to your organization's goals and business outcomes
  • Tap into Cision’s deep industry expertise to analyze and uncover actionable insights, supporting smart communications strategy decisions
Presentation to stakeholders

Effective crisis management can redefine your organization’s brand reputation for the better

Having a strong brand reputation management solution in place will allow you to effectively respond, manage and measure the impact of a crisis. The tools you use for brand reputation can help you identify when a crisis is breaking, quickly give you insights into what is happening to inform your next steps and provide tools to help you put your crisis communications plan into action. You can respond to the right contacts in the right way as well as measure the impact of the crisis and your response ongoing.

  • Monitor the entire media landscape in real-time
  • Search and track relevant topics and trends
  • Establish custom notifications alert you instantly to news and announcements that matter to your organization
  • Use powerful AI to uncover insights you can act on from the underlying monitoring data
  • Engage directly with the journalists, influencers and outlets that  your target audience trusts with insights about your brand
  • Keep stakeholders and management informed up-to-the-minute with everything from email and Slack alerts to detailed interactive reports

The Power to Stop a Crisis in its Path

When consumers took to Twitter to air their grievances about their travel experiences, the ensuing media coverage about airport chaos sent brands like Lufthansa, Qantas, and Delta into a tailspin. Watch to learn how the airline industry’s biggest brands used consumer data-driven insights to turn a potential crisis into a brand communications opportunity.

Brand Reputation & Crisis Communications

Understand. Influence. Amplify.

Save time while doing more with Cision.

Talk to a Cision expert to learn how Cision's complete Comms Cloud solution can help you shape your brand reputation.

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Cision PR and Communications experts take the time to understand your strategy, goals and challenges. In partnership with you, our team will recommend the optimal solution to help you understand, influence and amplify your story.

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