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Campaign and Event Reporting

Generate the coverage and awareness you need around your earned media campaigns to represent the exceptional value that PR & Comms bring to your organization.
As a PR and comms professional, you are constantly pitching stories and driving coverage for campaigns and large events. Using multichannel methods to drive awareness of what’s new for your target audience is in your DNA.

The Right Solution

As channels increase, you need a solution that goes beyond an overview to pull meaningful analytics together, and deliver answers about the impact of your campaigns.
  • Did you generate the coverage and awareness you needed?
  • Are you seeing an uptick in positive brand conversations?
  • Did you push traffic to your website, and what is the conversion rate of that traffic?
  • Are your efforts reaching the right target audience and shaping their perception of your brand?
  • How are your communications campaigns driving business results?

If questions like this plague your mind, Cision’s Campaign and Event Reporting solutions streamline your path to these answers. Sophisticated tools track and measure your KPIs, aggregating data to accurately report campaign and event performance, with dashboards and context to bring the metrics to life. You can quickly build and deliver reports that clearly demonstrate the value and impact your multi-channel comms activities are having on the business.

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Why Cision?

Cision’s industry-leading tools and trusted experts help companies of all sizes, from startups to government agencies to global brands, tell the most complete and precise story of their PR campaign and event outcomes—with insight into the connections and corrections that can push your campaign and event performance even higher.

Go beyond monitoring in real time with the flexibility to analyze trends and report on successful earned and social media campaigns overtime. Assess the topics related to your story and who is writing about them. Compare results with the performance of prior campaigns. Understand where your engagement is coming from—correlate media channels with audience segments and specific actions so you can optimize and update your campaigns for better performance. Track direct referral traffic. Use our emotion volume to easily understand sentiment and what your audience feels about the campaign. With Cision, you can track earned and social media campaign outcomes across all channels, produce executive-ready reports with a few clicks, and build better relationships with the journalists and influencers who matter most.

For companies with the most complex and demanding measurement and reporting requirements, Cision Insights industry experts provide state of the art analysis across custom metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), with detailed reporting, expert consultation, and 24/7 global service.

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Joe Hathaway

Corporate Communications Director

ProSight Specialty Insurance

We can go into the dashboards any time and see what the issues and current trends are. The research [we can do] extends into the types of content we want to talk about, not just the basic stuff of ‘who do we need to target?

Streamline reporting and improve communication

Building multi-channel campaign and event reports is difficult, time-consuming work—particularly if you’re combining data from different sources across traditional and social media channels that measure performance in different ways.

Providing executive-ready reports on short notice only adds to work—and to the pressure on you and your team.

Cision Comms Cloud’s reporting tools relieve the pressure and save time by letting you transform the data visualizations from dashboards into professional-quality, interactive reports that can be shared with executives and others outside of your team, or into standalone reports and presentations.

Discover mentions of your campaign across global, traditional and social media channels to tell a story that will engage your targeted audience. Report on key message pickup, sentiment, audience engagement, or other metrics that are critical for your KPIs. Aggregate readership, viewership and listenership across various platforms like TV, online content, blogs, radio, podcasts and social media networks. Produce time-framed trend analyses, year-to-year comparisons and more.

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Demonstrate the business impact of campaign success

No evaluation of your campaign or event performance is complete without insight into direct business impact—data that draws a line from your strategic comms activities to key performance indicators, business outcomes and bottom-line results. You need to tell the story of your strategic communications campaigns and events—precise data with critical context can inform how you tell that story, garnering trust and confidence from your executives and stakeholders.

With Cision, you can track audience actions with verified metrics, so you know exactly how many people and from which segments read your message.

Correlate those verified views to specific website traffic, landing page conversions and overall conversion rates in real-time or over time. You can demonstrate the business impact of your campaign's success with the actions readers take on your website, even hours or days after viewing or interacting with your content or earned media coverage.

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Utilize our experts to help get you where you need to be with your campaigns for the best ROI

For companies with the most demanding and complex campaign reporting requirements, our Cision Insights team combines our most sophisticated AI-driven analytics platform, decades of industry expertise, and global media experts working in-market to deliver truly custom, on-demand comms reporting, analysis, consultation and guidance. The world’s largest global brands count on Cision Insights to know what their target audiences are seeing and saying, what it means to their business, and what to do next to strengthen their brands.
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Cision PR and Communications experts take the time to understand your strategy, goals and challenges. In partnership with you, our team will recommend the optimal solution to help you understand, influence and amplify your story.

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