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Public Relations and Strategic Communications

Relentlessly expand your reach, deepen your understanding, optimize your campaigns, and maximize the impact of your stories.
PR and strategic communications are essential to every business. Comms professionals need to be able to confidently set goals that will add value to the business, measure and optimize campaigns based on the metrics that matter to executives, and overall be able to show the impact of PR.

The Right Solution

Make it easier for strategic communicators to deliver on PR and brand-building goals. It provides comprehensive support to communications pros across responsibilities—generating awareness, creating relationships with journalists, managing brand and reputation, addressing a crisis, measuring campaign performance, reporting to executives and much, much more.

It’s important to understand that the right solution drives growth and has the ability to grow with you and your organization. The right solution can help you:

  • Promote and amplify stories across media channels
  • Gain more meaningful coverage
  • Build stronger relationships with journalists and influencers
  • Develop data-driven communications strategies
  • Provide actionable insights to forward your goals and objectives
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Why Cision?

Cision is the only provider with best-in-class solutions and expertise across the entire communications workflow.

Distribute and amplify with the unmatched reach of Cision PR Newswire and industry-leading amplification of Guaranteed Paid Placement.

Engage with the world’s largest media database that helps you easily create and manage relationships with journalists and influencers

Monitor results with the most comprehensive, global media monitoring available

Analyze and understand with deep analytics that provide you data-driven, actionable insights–go farther with professional analysis and briefings from industry experts

Win by delivering meaningful, proven impact to the business

Speak with an Expert

Continually improve your media coverage, reach and campaign effectiveness

Cision helps your story rise above the noise.

According to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, PR professionals outnumber journalists seven to one1. This imbalance, combined with the ever-increasing fragmentation of the media landscape, makes it more challenging than ever for your PR and strategic comms teams to capture attention from journalists and influencers, and coverage in the publications and media your target audience trusts.

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Start with the reach and expertise of the industry’s most powerful and effective PR distribution network

Cision PR Newswire expands your reach with the audiences that matter most to your story to improve your effectiveness with every press release you distribute.
  • Reach 440,000+ newsrooms, direct feeds and subscribers, including 270,000 journalists and 9,000+ digital media outlets—the industry's largest global audience of print, broadcast and digital journalists and influencers.
  • Count on expert support from our editorial team, available 24/7 to proofread your release for errors, help target your news effectively, optimize your content for immediate and long-term SEO performance.
  • Get a complimentary Visibility Report—detailing online pickup of your press release, traffic, audience data, engagement metrics and more—with every release you issue.
Get started with PR Newswire
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Find and cultivate the best journalists and media to tell your story

Cision provides you the industry's largest and most robust media database—with carefully researched, fully vetted and pitchable journalists, outlets, influencers and opportunities at your fingertips, on your desktop, in one place. Our solution makes it easy for you to target the right contacts for your story—and launch personalized, integrated, data-driven campaigns that win your organization the coverage it deserves.
  • Search and filter over 850,000 journalists, outlets and opportunities, and over 1 billion social media influencer profiles—by topic, country/geography, type of contact, publication, keyword and more.
  • Get detailed information that helps you target the best journalists for your story—e.g., recently published articles, relevant social media posts, journalists seeking sources—and to make the best possible pitch based on each contact’s preferences.
  • Manage media contacts and relationships with sophisticated CRM tools—generate personalized email pitches, schedule responses and keep a complete record of every interaction.

Cision’s expert research team carefully curates every contact and makes more than 20,000 updates to the database every day. You’re always working with up-to-date information.

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Andrew Still-Baxter

Director of Communications

Clover Health

Cision Communications Cloud's media database is essential for media relations work. Reporters frequently change jobs and don't always share their contact emails, so getting in touch with them can be incredibly difficult at times. Having one place with an up-to-date list of all the reporters that I need to interact with empowers me to do my job more effectively.
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Avery Faehling

Public Relations Specialist

Skyward Inc.

The analytics and campaign tracking are amazing features that have helped our company see just how effective our PR efforts have been, how we can improve, and the value in what we do as a marketing and communication department.

Understand, measure, document and improve campaign performance based on data-driven insights

Our industry-leading tools will help you understand your media landscape, how your message resonates with your target audience, actions they take based on your communications, and then measure the overall effectiveness of your strategic communications campaigns so you can continuously improve results. 

Cision provides robust media monitoring with AI-driven analytics to provide you a deep, granular understanding of the impact your campaigns have on journalists, media, investors, customers and your bottom line.


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Comprehensive media monitoring

Access more than 100 million sources across 190 countries and 96 languages, including tens of thousands of print and paywalled online news publications, 2,700+ domestic and international TV and radio stations, 35,000+ podcasts, millions of social media posts and 70+ million new customer reviews each month.

Deep data and analytics

Easily analyze our millions of monitoring sources across online, social, print, paywalled and broadcast media with intuitive dashboards for tracking audience analytics, sentiment analysis, graphic heat maps, and share of voice. Incorporate advanced metrics like verified views of articles and how many people have taken key actions on your website as a result of earned media. Optimize campaign performance with data-driven insights.

Simple, powerful reporting

Transform dashboards into impressive, executive-ready reports and presentations you can use to communicate campaign effectiveness and brand reputation to management and stakeholders, tie campaigns and PR activities to business outcomes and ROI and support your case for new PR campaigns and budget.

Amplify your content and your message for maximum visibility and engagement

For your most important stories, a good press release, good media relationships and earned media pickup are not enough. Cision’s unique content amplification products and services provide an expert toolbox for elevating your message above the noise, giving your customers more ways to engage with your story, and even ensuring placement in your target audiences’ favorite, most trusted publications.
  • MultiChannel News Release: Combine your press release and multimedia assets into a fully-hosted, fully-branded, SEO-optimized landing page focused on your news.
  • Guaranteed Paid Placement: Ensure native publication and full control of your story in target online publications! Your press release appears as a native article, and is promoted with native ads on other pages on the site.
  • Content Services: Partner with our full-service, award-winning creative studio to create original or repurposed video, TV and radio ads, digital and out-of-home ads, and more.
  • MediaRoom and Website Solutions: Let Cision’s web design and strategic communications experts build, integrate, and host your secure, compliant, state-of-the-art newsroom.

Social amplification services: Place your content with vetted influencers. Transform existing content into video optimized for social channels. And get social media campaign guidance from trusted professionals.

Explore Digital Amplification with Cision
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Draw a straight line from PR to sales and ROI
Learn exactly how many people read specific articles. Collect detailed demographic and firmographic data on those readers. And attribute web site conversions—form fills, downloads, purchases and more—to specific PR campaigns.

A consultative partner with strong global technology to see around corners
We combine big data with smart data and deep expertise to bring insights to complicated challenges. We start with the big data of our dynamic media content infrastructure with billions of content pieces and apply sophisticated AI models and manual coding to surface smart data. We then apply context and critical thinking from our global industry experts to deliver the nuanced intelligence the world's most valuable brands depend on for data-driven decision-making at speed and scale. From justifying and allocating large communications budgets, to evaluating acquisition targets, to taking rapid, data-driven action in response to brand crises or opportunities, Cision has technology and experts to provide the flexible reporting and analysis needed to make decisions quickly in a complex media environment.

Relevant daily newsletters delivered to business leaders’ inboxes
Tailored briefings scaled to your needs of brand, industry and competitive news across media types are pulled together by industry-aligned analysts, delivered according to whatever schedule you need. Executives can start the day with a quick view of the important headlines with a summary of why they matter to your business and get updates throughout the day.

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Cision PR and Communications experts take the time to understand your strategy, goals and challenges. In partnership with you, our team will recommend the optimal solution to help you understand, influence and amplify your story.

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