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Digital Content Amplification

Generate more reach, more response and more value from every piece of content you create.



What's the value of compelling content? Engagement.

Your content creators invest long hours and significant resources into high quality content assets—press releases, videos, webcasts, podcasts, blog posts, white papers, infographics and more. Every piece of content you produce has the potential to help deepen understanding of your message, capture share of voice, attract solid leads and strengthen your brand.

But even the most compelling content can’t realize this potential unless it drives engagement. And the most effective way to drive this engagement is through digital content amplification—maximizing the reach of your content by promoting it in more of your target audience’s favorite and trusted channels and platforms. The best digital content amplification solutions provide the tools and capabilities you need to:

  • Repurpose press releases and other content like videos, webcasts, blog posts and more for earned, paid, shared and owned media channels
  • Retarget content for different audiences or custom campaigns
  • Republish content in multiple appropriate outlets
  • Report on content performance metrics and KPIs
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Why Cision?

Cision provides the right tools and expertise to deliver powerful digital content amplification—so your communications professionals can fully optimize your content marketing strategy across every type of media campaign.

Cision digital content amplification is built on a foundation no competitor can provide: the industry’s largest global newswire distribution platform. Then we add proven, innovative solutions for audience generation across paid, earned, shared and owned media—plus powerful analytics with deep insights and intuitive reporting to help you share campaign results. Cision is the industry standard for organizations of every size who want to reach and persuade a broader audience with every piece of content they create, and to measure and prove the financial impact of their content creation efforts.

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David North
CFO, Byrna Technologies Inc.
Our marketing people are wowed... We are seeing record sessions on our website that, at first, we thought must be an error, but we now realize are due to the Christine Chiu Multichannel News Release. The CEO is thrilled.
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Sara Wiskerchen

Managing Director, Media Communications

National Association of REALTORS

For anybody looking to stay on top of the latest PR trends and make the best out of their content, I would really suggest using the PR Newswire team. They truly work as our partner in content.
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Desiree Bartoe
PR and Social Media Account Director
As the Cision team taught us, 'If content is King, distribution is Queen.' Cision provided us with distribution that had a really broad reach. Great SEO helped with getting the word out—and getting into inboxes of relevant media, all while providing visibility to our consumers and creating a content hub/foundation to access all assets of the campaign.

Raise visibility. Increase engagement. Drive impact.

With Cision, you can quickly amplify your story across the broadest, most well-respected networks and outlets on the planet.

For some stories, you need to extend beyond press release pickup. You need to have your story published immediately to your audience’s go-to outlets—with your words, not a journalist’s or influencer’s spin. And you want it published together with related content that drives engagement or traffic to your website.

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Start with industry-leading press release distribution
Only Cision PR Newswire gets your press release to 200,000+ newsrooms and direct feeds, 180,000 journalists’ in-boxes and 9,000 web sites and digital media outlets. Most competing content amplification solutions outsource distribution, if they offer it at all.

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Ensure native publication on target websites
Cision Guaranteed Paid Placement  runs your story, in your words, as a native article on the premium online publications your audience reads and trusts. You get full control over your story, and more exposure and engagement among the readers you want to reach most—just check a box when you submit your press release and our global, automated platform does the rest.

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Build a multimedia experience around your news
Available only from Cision, Multichannel News Release (MNR) combines your press release and multimedia assets into a fully-hosted, fully-branded landing page experience focused on your message. Backed by Cision’s audience-generation network and SEO expertise, MNR increases visibility and engagement, and transforms your press release into a powerful pitching tool.

Repurpose existing content for more channels, more campaigns, more impact

When it comes to generating audience engagement, content creation is just a first step—a time-consuming and costly step. To derive maximum value, you need a partner with the creative skills to adapt your content to perform across multiple channels and the expertise to develop and execute an effective multi-channel media strategy that puts your content everywhere your target audience can find it.

For thousands of companies around the world, Cision Content Services is that partner. Our award-winning creative team has decades of experience creating, enhancing, and repurposing every type of content across all media channels and platforms. And our PR, advertising and marketing veterans know what it takes to succeed with each campaign.

  • Digital, streaming and social video: Connect with your audiences as they access their favorite websites, streaming content or social media networks. Tactics include full-episode players, pre-roll, streaming audio (targeted using Pandora or Spotify registration data), and video designed and optimized specifically for social media feeds.
  • Local and national TV and radio: Run targeted advertising campaigns on TV and radio stations across the country
  • Out of home advertising: Promote your story and your brand on everything from billboards and subways to taxi and rideshare TV, patient waiting room networks and airport digital screens
  • Digital advertising: Custom, hyper-targeted media buys let you reach your audience across all platforms
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Reach, build and engage a social media audience with your story

With its billions of active users, social media is a content amplification channel most brands can’t afford to ignore. Cision connects you with influencers and experts who can help you gain millions of additional impressions for your content. Speak with an Expert
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Influencer amplification

Place your content with vetted social media influencers, hand-picked to resonate with your target audience on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

Cision Social Video

Transform existing content into compelling video optimized for the social media channels your target audience trusts for news and information

Access to experts

Trust your social media campaign to professionals who advise over 1,000 brands and agencies, including IBM and Facebook

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Cision PR and Communications experts take the time to understand your strategy, goals and challenges. In partnership with you, our team will recommend the optimal solution to help you understand, influence and amplify your story.

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