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Accreditations & Logos

Accreditations & Logos


Manufactured with recovered fibre. Recycled fibres have been extracted from existing paper products, to be used in the manufacture of further paper products. Recycled paper can be 100% recycled or mixed with virgin fibre to improve consistency.



PCW - Post Consumer Waste

PCW fibre is made from re-processing or de-inking paper that has been used by a consumer. The use of recycled fibre reduces the pressure on forest land and protects its ability to absorb carbon for longer. By using recycled cardboard and paper you are helping to reduce waste that would otherwise go to landfill.

Pre Consumer Waste
Only uses waste from the mill itself, such as mill broke and offcuts. The fibre has not been used by an end consumer.



paper-made-carbon-neutral-20100721030440.gifCarbon Neutral
A product and/or operation that have had their carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions;
1) Calculated
2) Reduced where possible and
3) 'Offset' through credits that fund renewable, emission free energy products. The Kyoto Protocol mandates that these offsets must be "real, verifiable and additional to what would have otherwise occurred".


iso-14001-ems.gifISO 14001 EMS - International Organisation for Standardisation
Paper is manufactured by a mill that is accredited with ISO 14001 EMS, the international standard for organising and achieving continual improvement in environmental management systems. This standard reviews the total manufacturing process and seeks continual improvement in aspects such as energy efficiency, waste reduction and pollution control.



responsible-forestry-practices.gifResponsible Forestry Practices
Fibre used in the production of paper that shows this symbol, is sourced from pulp suppliers who practice responsible forestry techniques and/or use paper from managed plantation forests.



totally-chlorine-free.gifTCF - Totally Chlorine Free
No chlorine gases are used in the bleaching process. TCF cannot apply to recycled papers because the source fibre cannot be determined.



elemental-chlorine-free.gifECF - Elemental Chlorine Free
ECF indicates a paper that is made without the use of Elemental Chlorine. ECF pulp is produced with chlorine compounds, a bleaching alternative that serves to reduce harmful by-products.



process-chlorine-free.gifPCF - Process Chlorine Free
Paper that contains post consumer recycled fibre that was processed without the use of any additional chlorine, or chlorine compounds.




australian-made.gifAustralian Made
Stocks that display this symbol are manufactured in Australia.




FCS-Logo-Portrait4.gifFSC - Forest Stewardship Council
Pulp sourced from forests that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC works to promote responsible forestry, conserve biological diversity and protect old growth forests. FSC also includes a 'Chain Of Custody' system that tracks paper from the forest, all the way to finished material offering clients complete paper traceability.




pefc3.gifPEFC - Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification
PEFC is a framework for auditing forestry operations and promoting sustainable forest management by actively reducing the effects on the environment.