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Submitting Artwork

Submitting Artwork

If you have existing artwork prepared you can send it to us via e-mail, our dropbox , CD/DVD or USB device to our specifications below.

Print Press Ready Specifications – Process Colour

File Format

Hi Res PDF is our preferred file format. Other file types accepted are TIFF, JPG or EPS.

Artwork Format Checklist

  • Files where the image or background tint touches the trim require a bleed. A 2 mm minimum is required beyond the trim size of your artwork. Text or important information should be kept 3 mm inside the trim size.
  • 100% scale.
  • 1-up centred on a single page.
  • Convert your text to paths, curves or outlines or embed in PDF.
  • Ensure you flatten all transparencies and layers to avoid problems when going to print.
  • Please check and confirm all images are CMYK and hi resolution. Images need to be not less than 300dpi and 1200dpi for bitmaps.
  • Ensure all colours and images are CMYK. Do not save with any colour profiles.
  • Any trim marks etc should be offset by at least 3 mm.
  • Check for the need of a rich black in large black areas. We suggest 40C 100K.

Creating your PDF

The best way to produce a PDF is by printing to a postscript file and then processing the postscript file through Acrobat Distiller.

When creating PDF files from Indesign, fonts can be unstable when embedding using the Indesign PDF settings. Use Acrobat Distiller.

Standard Sizes

For a list of standard stock and paper printing sizes please see our Paper Sizes guide.  For custom sizes, please specify the dimensions in millimetres.